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Wacaco Vinyasa - Cafés pendant vos routines de yoga!

La plupart des gens qui aiment nos machines à expresso portables ont tendance à être assez actifs.  Ce n'est pas un hasard de les retrouver à faire quelques séances de Yoga.  Que ce soit parce que c'est leur source préférée de remise en forme ou bien pour un besoin d’exercices supplémentaires.  Et lors de ces réunion la question concernant la caféine et le café revient assez souvent.

Voici ce que l'on en pense.

 L'expresso est connu pour être un améliorateur de performance cognitives et physiques.  Mais, est ce que ces prises de caféine et ses propriétés diurétiques nuisent-elles à vos exercices?

As in all things, moderation is key.  Choose a healthy balance.

Wacaco Vinyasa

One important thing to take from yoga, is to sit, breathe, and relax.  Grab your Wacaco Nanopresso or Minipresso, find a relaxing spot (at home, on a mountain, near a river, everywhere is an option with Wacaco).  Run through all of your steps, focusing on your breathing and the movement between steps (in yogi terms that’s essentially what a vinyasa is).  Pull a shot.  Sit slowly, focus on your breathing, and take a moment to enjoy your surroundings and your delicious espresso.  Treat it like Japanese tea drinking.  Move relaxingly and deliberately through the entire process.  Enjoy each moment.  Move slower.  Take some time.  Listen, smell, feel, and observe your surroundings.  The steam wafting off the top of a freshly pulled shot.  The sound of the Wacaco Nanopresso during each pump.  Work on pulling the perfect shot, and dialing in every aspect of your espresso game.  It’s easy to focus on the reward (the espresso), but as in all things the journey can be important.  If you find yourself in a beautiful place, fiending for an espresso, be sure to take a step back, and appreciate the process.

Everyone’s body is different.  So some yogis might be able to swill espresso and hop right on the mat, others will want some space between their morning cup and their daily practice.  The trick is finding your balance.  These added benefits of espresso drinking ( fat burning, performance enhancing, soreness reducing, endurance increasing, etc ) will help you focus more clearly, get more out of your muscles, and aid balance. 

Caffeine + sweating is going to deplete your electrolytes.�� So be sure to always reach for a replenishing drink (we recommend staying as natural as possible with some coconut water, or drinking still water + eating a banana will have the same positive effects).

Alors prenez plaisir lors de vos séance de yoga, avec une bonne tasse d'expresso!  Namaste.