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accessoire pour capsules NS*

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Le NS Adapter permet à la Nanopresso d'utiliser les CAPSULES NS*. L'avantage d'utiliser des capsules est que le café y est broyé, pesé et tassé avec une grande précision. Il y a peu de place à l'erreur. La qualité d'extraction est constante tasse après tasse. Les capsules sont pratiques et faciles à transporter. Après utilisation, la machine est nettoyer en quelques secondes.

* CAPSULES NS fait référence aux capsules Nespresso®** Original et autres compatibles. Notez que certaines capsules non "Original" peuvent ne pas fonctionner correctement avec nos machines.

** Marque tierce sans lien avec Wacaco Company Limited.


Dimensions 66x62x62 mm 2.60x2.44x2.44 in
Poids 130 g 0.29 lbs
Remarque Le NS Adapter ne peut être utilisé
qu'avec la Nanopresso.
Contenu de la boite Le NS Adapter, la bague d'extension et le livret d'instructions en Anglais et Chinois.


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A Wacaco Customer
Poland Poland
Great addition to Nanopreso but I has so many small parts...

I've been using Nanopresso for about two years and it still makes fantastic espresso. Everything good written about it is true. Now I also have the Nanovessel and the newest addition - NS Adapter. Coffee from capsules is just as good but the device contains so many small loose parts... I've just lost little grooved disc from the inside (look at the pic missing it) and now it's unusable. You should sell those parts as a service items. Now I have to whole new NS adapter :(

Kit d’accessoires pour capsules

Hi, please contact support@wacaco.com to purchase spare parts. Best regards, Wacaco Team

Steven M.
Australia Australia
Nanopresso NS Adapter

REally great product . Love it . Use it every day Thanks

Lorenz R.
United States United States
Great for long road trips

At first I had trouble finding the right coffee pods - they have to be smaller than the commonly available Keurigs. I happened to find Pete's brand at Target. Overall, for environmental reasons, I prefer not to use pods, but when on the road they are much cleaner and less fussy. I have a device that heats water to fully boiling in about 15 minutes while plugged into the cigarette-ligher socket in the car. When it beeps, I pull over and make an espresso in no time. A REAL tasty espresso, out in the middle of nowhere - what luxury! A quick rinse from an extra water bottle I carry anyway, a wipe with a tea towel, and I'm good to go until the expresso craving kicks in again. Now I'm looking forward to using it on a cruise (have to be stealthy about heating water in the cabin...).