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It's Finally Here! 7 Things to Expect from the New Nanopresso!

1)  18 Bars of Pressure! This rivals many table top machines!
The best part is that the Nanopresso requires less force to achieve a higher PSI, which means it takes 15% less power to pump the piston! Less effort AND prefect crema, every time!

2)  Smaller, lighter, and more compact than previous models!
The length has been reduced by 2cm, and the weight comes in at under 12 ounces!

3)  Easier to clean!
The filter basket and the body’s inner surface has been simplified to avoid coffee grinds from getting stuck in the nooks and crannies of the machine.

4)  Ability to use finer tamped grinds!
With the new design the grounds can be tamped very hard and the Nanopresso performs very well with a wider range of different grinds.

5)  Included carrying case!
The durable carrying case will keep your Nanopresso safe on all your adventures!

6)  Larger filter basket and tank for MORE ESPRESSO!
Even with it’s reduced size we were able to increase the water capacity in the tank to 80ml, so you can enjoy even more espresso in each cup!

7) Kits to make your experience even better!
The Barista kit includes a larger water tank, 2 double espresso filter baskets, and an adapter ring, so that you can prepare a double shot of espresso. Because 2 espresso’s are better than one!  The NS Adapter allows easy conversion to use pods!




Asked about the availability of the barista kit for the nanopresso. Response from the email was it would be available at the end of September, but it’s close to the end of October now and still not up :( Are there any updates as to when it will be available?

Eduardo Vieira

Still no Barista Kit or NS Adapter. Waiting for those to place the order for my Nanopresso. Was told they would be available by end of September and we are halfway through October. Any developments ou updates?


I’ve been waiting 17 days now for mine. No idea where it is and neither does Swisspost. Do you know Wacaco?


Great! I will buy it as soon it will arrive with the NS adaptar to Amazon. Hope it will be during august

Tony Wenlock

Excited to upgrade, but when will the barista kit and the NSA adapter be available> want all of the above…..

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