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Bulletproof Minipresso: French Kick


We're a few weeks into our Bulletproof adventure and onto our last Bulletproof bean review, here's what Beth and George had to say about their French Kick Roast.


Beans: 100% Arabica


Before the Brew: What an aptly named variety of coffee beans! Beth lived in France a few years ago, and opening this bag made her feel as if thought she walked into a local café. “It has an air of refinement. The smell is divine, really. I could eat this,” she said. At turns, we picked up notes of fresh cream, caramel, and hazelnut – all flavors Beth associates with her time abroad.


Minipresso Tasting: Underneath a thick, toasted almond-colored crema, we stared into the abyss... or rather, into a very dark shot of espresso. Surprisingly, the taste wasn’t overwhelming at all! With a long shift at work ahead of her, Beth felt bold enough to add a ¼ teaspoon of Brain Octane Oil into her espresso shot. Though the oil necessitated a quick stir before every sip, it didn’t add any heaviness. We liked the way the slight acidity reminded us of bitter cacao nibs.


To make the coffee BulletProof, we recommend 2 large Minipressos (or 4 shots) plus 1 table spoon Grass-Fed Ghee and 1 tablespoon Brain Octane Oil, blended to desired frothiness. For best results, ease slowly into this blend with smaller amounts of Ghee and Oil.



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